“Every man dies – Not every man really lives.”
William Ross

be a student 
be a student of Japanese philology
travel to Japan, USA (Miami, NYC, LA, Seattle, Albuquerque, Washington), China, Korea, Spain, Netherlands, Thailand, France, Brazil)
• get a driving license
• buy a car
• pass well matura exam
learn to play guitar
learn Japanese
get the Certificate in Advanced English at Level B2
• get the Certificate in Advanced English at Level C1
live in another city (in Poland)
live in another country
live in Japanese city 
• live in American city 
kiss in the rain
fall in love
have a family
train my body and make it a daily habit
reach weight goal between 48-50 kg
read 100 new books
jump bungee
fly in a hot-air balloon
see the Northern Lights
get a cat
learn a marital art 
give blood
create dream home
try out vegetarianism for 30 days
try out veganism for 30 days
fly in a helicopter
meet Miyavi! and hug with him!
go to a concert! (Miyavi (x2), Linkin Park, girugamesh, the GazettE, SiM, Muse, Three Days Grace, Billy Talent)
• have a tattoo, (x2), (x3), (x4), (x5)
• have more piercings in ears!
• drink a bottle of Jack Daniels with a friend
• try (real) nihonshu
• have more tattoos!

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