May 17, 2015

I’m Just A Dude Writing About Stuff [ENG]

What is the reason why people start a blog?
Blogging for entertainment and fun, passion, self expression, share something with others, business, money, fame, show talent, learn something, journalism, education, help others, connect with like-minded people, share knowledge, improve writing etc.
It’s been almost ten years since I started my very first blog. I was a child, so it wasn't very intelligent. Frankly, I was such a silly girl. But it isn't what I want to say. Although, I have written for ten years, I'm not very experienced at blogging. But now, experience isn't important, but HEART. I considered why I want to be a blogger. Why I want to speak even if no one is listening? William Wordsworth writes, “Fill your paper with the breathings of your heart.” And this is the meaning of  it all. So, I'll be writing about my life, especially about my way to better life, which has been already started. I want to share it with you and who knows, maybe you'll join me. ;)

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